VTG’s next generation private MPLS network provides an end-to-end solution. Our resilient multi-core network, managed centrally by VTG brings benefits of simplicity, control and significant cost savings

Use our Private MPLS network with interconnects to all major ISP’s means we can deliver 1TB+ of internet connectivity and all forms of remote connectivity including; Broadband, Fibre and Ethernet to your office, and best of all hs network aggregator for the “last mile” (the bit of cable that goes into the building) means we can buy at best value from multiple suppliers yet keep the network private, and control all packets of data end to end.

As simplicity & flexibility is at the heart of what we do, we also support customers using their own connectivity suppliers in order to connect to any VTG Infrastructure offering. This can easily be achieved as VTG already has links with most ISP’s and can interconnect any network to network.


  • Significant Cost Savings compared to VPN solutions
  • We can deliver 1TB+ of internet connectivity
  • Interconnects to all major ISP
  • High Speed, Fully Managed Solution
  • Converged Network Traffic (ideal for SIP and VOIP)
  • Direct Access to AZURE & AWS
  • Flexible model to easily add or remove sites


  • Managed VPN, Layer 3 MPLS or direct internet access solutions
  • Full ISP offering with private 100GB network
  • FTTC, ADSL, Ethernet and 3g/4g Connectivity
  • Hosted Content filtering, Firewalls and DDos mitigation
  • We have our own core network and aggregate the “last mile” from Talk Talk , BT, Vodafone, Virgin


Our MPLS offering is backed by our industry leading Managed Service. As an MPLS managed service customer you are assigned an ITIL aligned Service Delivery Manager, and Project Manager to ensure the transition of the MPLS solution runs smoothly. A Service Delivery Manager will also be aligned throughout the duration of the contract to assist with capacity and continual service improvement.

Whether you require MPLS, Firewall Managed Service, Internet Breakout, or anything else Connectivity related, please do not hesitate to contact us to speak to one of our specialist today.

“We have been working with VTG for over 10 years now, and have always been extremely happy with their work and their unwavering commitment to our school. We have various projects in the pipeline with them going forward, with some major expansion over the next few years. They also pro-actively monitor and help us support our server/SAN systems. I look forward to our continued successful relationship.”

Robin Falcon • Kings School Canterbury : Head of IT


We work as a single united team with market leading firms around the world and give our clients the highest quality advice possible.